We apply render to the external walls of houses and garden/boundary walls as a smooth or textured decor able surface. Render is produced by mixing sand, cement, and hydrated lime together with water and mortar plasticiser.

Render is applied in two coats using a hawk and trowel. The first coat is called the ‘scratch coat’ and the second is called the ‘top coat’. The scratch coat is left to settle and dry for 24 hours (depending on weather conditions). The topcoat is then applied and ‘ruled off’ using a straight edge, this helps take away any high points and gives a lovely flat appearance ready for painting when it is fully dry.

We offer help and advice on all aspects of plastering and rendering. We have many years’ experience in direct to block work render systems for our residential customers. This experience has been put to good use in expanding into insulation-backed systems for commercial customers.