We have a wide range of experience in both lay in grid tiles and solid plasterboard MF. These have been used extensively throughout the vast majority our contracted works.

We supply and install the full range of suspended ceilings available in today’s market and offer expert advice on whichever suspended ceilings best meet your requirements. Aside from good aesthetics, suspended ceilings also provide practical elements such as improved acoustic, thermal and hygienic anti-bacterial properties. Not to mention fire rated ceilings, moisture resistant ceilings and a solution for concealing services such as cables, pipe-work and ducting.

Suspended ceilings also offer other benefits such as improved light reflectance and impact resistance. All interiors can be improved with the installation of a new suspended ceiling.

Suspended ceilings are manufactured in a variety of materials from mineral fibre, glass fibre, rock fibre, plasterboard and metal so there is always a solution regardless of whatever your ceiling requirements may be.

We supply and install suspended ceilings from all the leading manufacturers. We also supply and install suspended ceiling lights complete with low brightness diffusers.