Dry lining has grown immensely in popularity over the past 15 years in this country due to it being quick and relatively clean to apply compared

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Suspended Ceilings

We have a wide range of experience in both lay in grid tiles and solid plasterboard MF. These have been used extensively throughout the vast majority

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We are able to finish all our work, from partitions and ceilings, to floating rafts and ceiling features, with an approved plaster skim finish to

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We have a proven track record within the construction industry for supplying, installing and finishing high quality partitions, interiors, structural framing systems

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Passive Fire Protection

It’s important that our customers are made fully aware of exactly what we can offer the Building Industry. We can assist clients to ensure they are

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We apply render to the external walls of houses and garden/boundary walls as a smooth or textured decor able surface. Render is produced by mixing sand

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Tape and Joint

Where plasterboard meets it forms an indentation which can be filled in with joint filler to give a perfect flat-wall finish. There are five main stages

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Vertical cladding usually a tongue and groove profile giving a flush finish. We often install a shadow-line at the join to provide relief and texture.

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